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You need to try this 4-step Korean routine!

Momiji Beauty
Sep 14, 2021

"When I first heard about Korean routines I thought, "no way, this is too far-fetched.""
You need to try this 4-step Korean routine!

Momiji Beauty - Sep 14, 2021

When I first heard about Korean routines I thought, "no way, this is too far-fetched." But at the same time, I kept seeing the amazing skins of Korean women on Instagram (and later on a trip to Seoul) and I wanted that too.

I needed to try it, at least just once, especially when the internet and my social media was full of information and articles just talking about its amazing benefits, if women who are CEOs were doing it, I could, too. 

The heart of the Korean routine is "layering", in short, creating layers by applying one product on top of another, starting from the lightest to the thickest, and the goal is clear: to obtain a balanced, hydrated and healthy skin.

Within this philosophy "every layer is important" but it's not always like that, after doing some research, I realized that there were ways to simplify the routine, and that I wasn't the only one who was doing it.
Korean beauty experts shared my theory of not necessarily using all the steps every day, but using only what your skin needs at the time. One thing was clear, the results were indisputable, so within a week of integrating the Korean routine into my life, my skin was looking more even, hydrated and radiant.

And whether you choose to simplify it or not, here's a step-by-step guide to a 4-step routine so you can choose what works best for you, no matter your skin type.


Step 1: Toner

Toners are very important, as they maintain the correct pH of the skin and further cleanse, while moisturizing and protecting. In addition, it is an aid in the prevention of imperfections. No matter your skin type, Matcha Latte will allow you to achieve the right moisture balance. #MomijiTip the best way to apply it is directly with (clean) hands for better distribution. 


Step 2: Serum

The serum is a super concentrated substance of active ingredients, made to treat specific skin problems: signs of aging, spots, acne, dehydration, dullness, etc. There are millions of different serums, and it is super crucial that you find the one that works for you, for example: Ctrl+ Drop is excellent for reducing spots and brightening, as it contains niacinamide. 


Step 3: Eye Patches

The skin around the eyes is much thinner and more delicate than the rest of our face. Therefore, it requires special care. Eye Shine is formulated to moisturize, give elasticity, luminosity, brighten and prevent wrinkles. #MomijiTip massage gently with the ring finger (it is the weakest) to activate blood circulation and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Step 4: Sheet Mask

This is a fun extra, besides being a great excuse to give yourself some TLC (tender love and care), they are also the mistresses and queens of hydration. The main benefit here is that the fiber or cotton they are made of, allows the mask to completely conform to the shape of the face, letting the nutrients absorb properly without evaporating. A good start is the Momiji Brand Mask Kit as it contains seven of our own brand masks specially designed to brighten, moisturize, soothe and prevent wrinkles. 

#Momijitip We know it can be complicated at first to choose among so many products, ingredients and steps. But don't worry: the important thing is to know your skin's needs and look for products that meet them.
Don't feel obliged to have a multiple-step routine, we recommend the most important ones that you should never miss in your routine: Toner and serum.

And you can always gradually add products or steps to your skin care routine that suit your needs and timing.

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