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Meet our favorite Makeup Artists

Iván Contreras
Jun 24, 2022

"Have fun and just experiment."
Meet our favorite Makeup Artists

Iván Contreras - Jun 24, 2022


If you need some inspiration to create new beauty looks, meet our favorite makeup artists behind some of the biggest groups in the K-Pop world like Blackpink, Twice, and more.






The creator behind all your favorite Blackpink looks, she not only focuses on their music videos and concerts, but she also works individually to create the distinctive look that captures the personality and mood that each member desires. Give it a follow if you are interested in learning more about the makeup tricks of your favorite girls like Rose, Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie!






Won Jung-Yo makes up the girls one in a million… Twice. She worked for her new musical debut 'Scientist', and for many other projects. She also works directly with the iconic Suzy Bae.






Not only does she work for your favorite singers in the K-Pop world like Tiffany Young, but she is also currently working for international makeup campaigns and was the makeup artist for the new video of Finneas, who is the brother of the singer Billie Eilish.






Finally, we want you to meet Pony. She is one of the top makeup artists in the world, especially in Korea. She started her career working for K-Pop groups and currently creates YouTube tutorials of her beautiful makeup looks, which are a great source of inspiration for everyone.

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