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Explorer - Juniper

Medium bronzer with warm undertones.

Explorer - Maple

Medium deep bronzer with warm undertones.

Explorer - Sparrow

Light bronzer with warm undertones.

Eye Shine

Less dark circles, more brightness.


Glass skin for everyone!

Hydrate & Tone Duo

The perfect duo for pore-toning.

Hydrate Duo Kit

A hydration boost with toner and your go-to cream

Matcha Latte Toner

Because beginnings matter.

Momiji Mask Kit 6+1

A kit of 7 Momiji brand sheet masks.

Out of stock
Moon Crystal - Astro

This gloss really said plump lips.

Moon Crystal - Mood Ring

The gloss that turns into pink!

Moon Crystal Duo

The glossy bundle for plump and shiny lips.

Personality Pen Charcoal

Create extra brows, freckles and more.

Poreless Pack Kit

The best trio to take care of your pores

Season 1 - Fantasy

A crimson red shade, for bold lips or blush.

Season 1 - Plot-Twist

A dark coppery brown shade, for an evening look.

Season 1 - Protagonist

A burgundy shade with pink undertones for an effortless look.

Season 1 - Spin-Off

A burnt orange shade, for a natural day look.