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Get the Barbiecore look in seconds with Sundae 🎀

Momiji Beauty
Feb 3, 2023

"Come on, Barbie, let's go party!"
Get the Barbiecore look in seconds with Sundae 🎀

Momiji Beauty - Feb 3, 2023

2022 was all about the Barbiecore trend and this one won't be different, in just a few months you`ll be able to watch Barbie live action movie starring Margot Robbie, which means that pink will dominate fashion, lifestyle and, of course, makeup.

Here, the pinkest the better (trust me, it will never be enough!) The ideal is to choose a total look in the same shade of pink, clothes, shoes, makeup, nails, everything! No matter what your style is, you can adapt it into the Barbiecore trend.

We'll show you 3 pink looks to get into the Barbiecore trend:

Let's go from the easiest to the hardest!




Season 1, Protagonist shade



Season 1, Fantasy shade



K-Tint, Main Character shade


Add some freckles!



For our second look, let's apply Fantasy in our upper and lower eyelids and then as a transition color apply Explorer Sparrow in your upper eyelid. Now let's get into our freckles! (it's easier than you think!) with your Personality Pen make little dots all over your cheekbones and nose, then with your fingers blur them for a natural look, to finish apply K-Tint Anime and voila! 



Season 1, Fantasy shade & Explorer, Sparrow shade 





Personality Pen, Dark Brown shade



K-Tint, Anime shade


Hot Pink




And now... Barbie pink enters the scene (did you know that it has its own pantone?) For this look will be using the pinkest shade of our Season 1 collection which is Protagonist on our entire upper eyelid, then we'll take the Explorer Sparrow tone and apply it to our lower lashes, the secret of this look is the eyeliner, so take your favorite black liquid eyeliner, and apply it outline from the tear duct of your eye to the end of your eyebrow, then apply it to the lower part of your tear duct, thus creating a cat eye. Apply on your cheeks K-Tint - Soap Opera and on your lips Flower Journal - Petal. 



Season 1, Protagonist shade & Season 1, Fantasy shade




K-Tint, Soap Opera shade



Flower Journal, Petal shade


Try your favorite Barbiecore makeup look! Have fun using the shades of pink that you like the most and experiment. Share your final look on Instagram and tag us! @momijius

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