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Which Momiji skincare product are you according to your sign? ✨

Momiji Beauty
Dec 27, 2022

" Geminis get a gift, cancers get a gift, every sign gets a gift!  "
Which Momiji skincare product are you according to your sign? ✨

Momiji Beauty - Dec 27, 2022



Let’s be real, we all love reading our horoscopes. It's hilarious to find similarities, make predictions, theories & spicing things up with friends or with that cute crush. But, here's the thing... could it be applied even in our makeup or skincare routine? OF COURSE YES! After a huge research I’m gonna tell you your ideal beauty product depending on your zodiac sign. You’ll be surprised after these! 




The energetic and adventurous one. You love to go all the way and be the number one in everything with that confidence that characterizes you! You’re the first in the line, it's not a surprise you’re a high achiever. You’re always in a hurry, that's why you need Season 1 to create a full makeup look in seconds. You’ll love its buildable formula that allows you to intensify the color as much as you like, adding layers with your fingers or a brush.




Patience, persistence and the ease of making decisions is what makes you unique. Once something works on you it's almost impossible to stop using it. Our Wonder Glow Mask it's just for you! It’ll be your favorite mask after using it, leaving your skin dewier than ever. 




A total multitasker. You enjoy variety and movement, doing many things at once & spontaneity is your life mantra, that is why I would not only recommend one product, but two. From now on, your perfect duo will be: Moon Crystal Duo that brings juicy & soft lips with a high-shine gloss & moisturizing formula. Choose between Astro: clear shimmering gloss, & because I know you love surprises, Mood Ring, is a must-have, our viral gloss that turns pink in seconds! 




Your life is governed by the emotions of the moon. Loyalty, emotions, constancy, protectiveness and traditionalists are some of your characteristics, you’re associated with water and the need for security, so you always need to feel protected. Pore Celaine Mask is the one for you, you’ll be protected from every external aggressor, also by applying them before makeup, your skin will be protected from any possible impurities from using your products. 




















Adventure is your middle name, nothing could stop you. Of course, without losing style since luxury and comfort can go hand in hand for you, that’s why Explorer, a bronzing cheek & lip color will be perfect to create a natural glow all year & looking effortlessly glam.


























Practical, meticulous and perfectionist, always obsessed with cleanliness, which is why a deep cleanser that does the job for your pores will become your best friend. ¿Our top pick? Sunset Cleansing Butter Tube it's just for you! It’ll be your favorite cleanser after using it without leaving your skin feeling greasy, heavy or ultra stripped.
























Charm, elegance and good taste is your cover letter. You're always looking for that perfect balance, so that is why Pore Celain Mask Bundle is just for you, your skin will feel as smooth as porcelain!




The most intense in deep water! Although you seem to look calm, you’re constantly in flow, just like waves. Sometimes you need something to feel at ease in order to balance that powerful main character energy. Ctrl+ Drop Serum calms the skin and gives it a glow, you’ll love it!




Freedom is your middle name! You love being outdoors and always active. That's why you prefer easy & effortless looks, just like using K-Tint Binge, with a buildable formula perfect for creating just the right amount of color to pull off any look. 




One of the most hardworking and clinging signs of the zodiac, eternally perfectionist and hard, also with yourself! Capricorn, two words for you: calm down. 

Here's a secret… The key is to rest, and I know you're going to tell me that you don't have time between your long to-do list and excuses, so the ideal thing for you is a night mask. Momiji Mask Kit 6+1 is the one for you, with a variety of different masks for multiple needs. Time to chill.





You feel proud of your singularities & what makes you unique. You have fun enhancing your beauty marks, just like using Personality Pen, perfect for creating extra brows, freckles, moles & more. You enjoy that extra main character vibe, so trying this long-lasting ink pen is your ultimate go-to to make an entrance. 





Our cool & artistic one! Your connection with the sea makes you emotional and connected to your deep thoughts. That's why our Hydrate & Tone Duo is for you. This duo is perfect for a nice self-care date with yourself to give strong protection to your skin with great antioxidants. Don’t forget your favorite playlist & a nice candle.


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