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7 facts you didn’t know about sheet masks

Cristina López Saucedo
Jan 19, 2022

"Sheet masks are a great skincare hack (and selfie material!)"
7 facts you didn’t know about sheet masks

Cristina López Saucedo - Jan 19, 2022

If you’re a skincare lover, you have tried a sheet mask at least once in your life. Sometimes our routines can be repetitive but using a sheet mask is always a great option to give your skin that moisture boost. Let’s admit it: they're an excellent selfie material.


That’s why we decided to share some facts you probably didn’t know about sheet masks.


First things first: What’s a sheet mask?


A sheet mask is a mask soaked with serum, usually made of fabric, but nowadays they can be made of countless materials such as: gel, fibers, paper, and aluminum. To use a sheet mask, you extend it and apply it to your skin, then wait 10 to 20 minutes for it to do its magic and then take it off. You will immediately notice the glow on your skin.


We’re done with the basics. Let’s share 7 things you didn’t know about sheet masks!


  1. The sheet mask trend comes from South Korea, the heart of skincare.
  2. They are an excellent option to make your skincare products absorb better.
  3. There’s a special sheet mask for every skin type.
  4. You might want to use them after a warm bath, that’s when your pores are more dilated, and therefore the ingredients will be completely absorbed.
  5. Leave them on your fridge, then when you apply them, you will get an extra cold effect on your skin.
  6. When you apply them, give a gentle massage on your skin above the sheet mask, this will reduce the inflammation of your face.
  7. It’s the perfect beauty hack before an event because of its immediate effect.


Do you already have your sheet mask stock? Try out the 3 varieties of Momiji brand sheet masks, each one created with different functions, and enriched with centella asiatica extract, which calms and brightens the skin.

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